Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sirius stuff from www frogchin

if your a indie artist looking for exposure check out frogchin you need a lable with real reach into the digital mainstream.........what about the world as your stage

THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!! has partnered with a brand new national music television and satellite network called YMCtv (Your Music Channel Television). YMCtv will be completely dedicated to the promotion of independent music. The scope of the project is absolutely massive in both it’s concepts and the powerful affiliations that will be backing them.

YMCtv plans to broadcast independent music on it’s own Cable and Satellite TV channels as well as Satellite Radio. The companies that will be providing the broadcasts are the biggest names in both Satellite TV and Radio. These affiliations will be announced in the very near future. The broadcasts will reach a MINIMUM of 11 million homes ,so right now you’re probably starting to see why we’re so excited. will be a direct provider of content for review and consideration for inclusion in this project.

YMCtv’s first show will be a series called “City Sessions”. It will be similar to MTV unplugged and AOL Sessions. Starting with Dallas, Texas, YMCtv will travel to at least 20 major cities across the United States and film 10 bands in each city. This will be an in-studio production that will be filmed in half-day segments with each artist/band getting to spend a full half-day in a recording studio. YMCtv will provide all production, direction, and editing for free to you and if chosen you go out to 11 million homes!

I have to stop every now and again and type—


All you have to do is sign up and post your best stuff on our site.
Click here for a free FrogChin membership (if you're not already) then come back here to fill out this registration form

The V.P. of this project has his own login and special access to your information on our site. So, make sure your best stuff goes up and fill out the information he’s asking for as completely as possible. We will be providing an area for you to upload video in the future, so start working on those clips!


Keep in mind that this is an independent music project, so they are not looking for the next Britney Spears. Everyone has a chance to be included . That being said, YMCtv is also a label, so they are also looking to take a select few to superstardom as well.

In addition to registering for this project, Frogchin also highly recommends that you do everything in your power to help you jump out at these big time company guys. Take advantage of our promotional tools and get noticed first Frogchin is very excited to be involved in this project and can’t wait to see our members on television and radio. Estimated launch for YMCtv is early 2006. Just don’t forget us when you’re big stars!! And, once again


YOU MUST BE A FROGCHIN MEMBER TO SIGN UPYour Frogchin Contact Information MUST be correct & up to date too...(don't cry to us if you are disqualified... we warned you in advance)
Click to update your contact information...
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