Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sirius FM-5 Request for launch made

Satellite Radio Tech World has reported the following information on FM-5 This is another step in the correct direction for Sirius and partners.Wonder if music videos from (WDMG) get tied into this video offering going forward...

"Sirius hereby requests authority to launch and operate Sirius FM-5,a geostationary satellite, to provide satellite digital audio radio services to our subscribers and to Sirius Canada's subscribers in the 48 contiguous states and Canada."

  • EIRP received at car -116.4 dBW; Flux density, -87.6 dBW/M^2.
  • At a minimum, the satellite will transmit at 3 times during the day, "when one 'live' NGSO spacecraft rapidly recedes south of the border, and before the service link shifts to the "rising" satellite next in line". (This is the first recognition that Sirius has reception issues during this time.)
  • The geostationary satellite as well as their present satellites will use an "overlay modulation" technique, which will add an additional 1.35 Mb/s throughput.This "overlay modulation" technique will be implemented next year with their existing satellites.
  • Will improve reliability and service quality.
  • Improves spatial diversity. You can get more information here

The following excerpt is from the second quarter 2006 conference call,the comments made by Jim Meyer of Sirius, the full transcript can be viewed at seekingalpha.com Mel Karmazin, stated clearly Our video initiative is well underway and we are close to signing deals to offer the best video programming for kids as part of our OEM offering in the second half of the year.(2006)

We recently announced that in late 2008 we will launch a new and powerful Sirius FM 5, our fourth satellite, into a geostationary orbit joining our existing satellites to create a hybrid constellation. We expect several major benefits from this permanent hybrid configuration, such as: improved robust service, signal diversity, and network redundancy. Sirius FM 5 should extend the useful lives of our existing satellites and serve as an in orbit spare in the event of a major failure, reducing a small element of risk to our customers and shareholders. Our minimum look angles will improve, while we simultaneously retain the benefit of the high look angle HEO birds. Bottom line: without getting too technical, we will be taking an unparalleled user experience and making it even better, particularly with improvements for fixed location receivers, wearable devices, and mobile users.


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