Sunday, October 29, 2006

Grassley letters to the Goa ..............!

I strongly support all the current concepts, listed in the market reform petition directly below and urge all investors and company owner's. Become acclimated to the contained information. Then demand changes to the current laws.

I will say factually, that some people have questioned and submited comments and complaints (For a year and a half) via all the regulatory agencies and continue to burden the system, with request for immediate action surrounding certain analyst and their specific comments made on the radio broadcasting sector.

Sign the Market Reform Petition now. Click here to view it.


In two remarkable letters, Senator Grassley shows that not everyone is marching in lockstep to Wall Street's melody. Even though at times it seems that the bad guys own the system and can do whatever they want, every now and then we get a ray of hope, and an indication that there are a few honest men left.

The press has a wonderful way of softening and filtering topics that their masters wish to see massaged, so it's best that one go straight to the source documents if one wishes to know the truth. With that in mind, here are the two letters, absent any editorial.

Read them, and you get a sense that Grassley is on to the obfuscation campaign from our regulators, and isn't having any of it.

Now, if we can just get Congress to understand that taking investors' money and not delivering what they paid for is fraud, we could really move the ball down the field.


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