Monday, December 18, 2006

opie and anthony anger boston mayor again

Radio and Records: "O&A Draw Boston Mayor's Wrath... Again
Dec. 18, 2006
By Mike Boyle

XM Satellite Radio/CBS Radio personalities Opie and Anthony have once again managed to get the attention of Boston mayor Thomas M. Menino. This time it was the duo’s annual “Homeless Shopping Spree,” held at an suburban New Jersey mall on Saturday (Dec. 16), that has riled up the mayor.

O&A loaded homeless people from New York City -- with nicknames such as Gray Wolf, Papa Rock and Half-A-Hulk Face -- into a luxury bus and drove them to an upscale Short Hills, N.J., mall, gave them gift cards to buy anything they wanted and broadcast the shopping trip live on XM, WBCN/Boston, WFNY/New York and WYSP/Philadelphia.

'This so-called `shopping spree’ is a sick and twisted exercise that degrades the most vulnerable members of our society,' Menino told the Boston Globe. 'This is wrong, and we need the public ... who care about the homeless and about basic human decency to stand up and tell them so.'

He added, 'These individuals and this station [WBCN] should be punished,' Menino said.

O&A first drew the wrath of Menino back in 1998 after broadcasting a false April Fool's report that Menino had been killed in a car accident in Florida. The duo were summarily fired from Boston's WAAF-FM.

Contacted on Monday (Dec. 18) for a reaction to Menino’s comments during a replay of Saturday’s event across the O&A network, show producer Steve C. told R&R, “Stay tuned tomorrow [Dec. 19]… there will be [a reaction]. That was the biggest response for the 'HSS' that we ever had. I know the tendency in radio is to exaggerate, you can read it all here


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