Thursday, March 02, 2006

sirius radio shack started in summer 2005 music deal

Comprised of public relations junior Peter Black, advertising junior Benji Harris and Gary Hundly and Mark McDonough, who both live in Dallas, the band Thief is already a driving force in the Norman music scene and on a national level. A self-described developmental band, Thief recorded its first EP, a nine song compilation, in Nashville, Tenn., in the spring of 2005.

“We’ve had a lot of luck and run-in with some great people that have helped us, especially in recording the EP,” said Black, the guitarist and lead vocalist. “We did it at Cold Park Studio in Nashville, and we were in and out of there for several trips. We were probably only in the studio for 14 days. We had 12-hour sessions, and it was amazing to have people who were willing to work on that time scale.”

The band worked out a deal with Radio Shack in June of 2005. The company’s new MP3 player, which hit the shelves in early December, comes with five pre-loaded songs, one of which is a single by Thief. The MP3 player is available in the 7,200 Radio Shacks across the country and online.

The year-old band is also working with YMC TV, a new channel that launches on Dish Network in early 2006. For their television debut, they have filmed a closed-set studio concert and are, in spring 2006, participating in a national college tour.

With negotiations for potential record deals in progress, guitarist Harris said they remain humble despite their current successes and future aspirations.

“Playing is so much work and we set up our own stuff. That keeps you grounded for sure,” Harris said. “Right now, we are just at the very tip of the iceberg of what we are going to do.”

all off the artist sites, i have looked at have their stuff on apples site........did the s50 come with any preloaded songs.............??

from reading the artist site it clearly looks like songs were loaded on several hundred thousand players(apple) would be my i wonder about the other four tracks (from wdmg), it looks like they also included advertisments for the bands in over a million cd's they had in the radio shack stores for christmas


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