Wednesday, September 06, 2006

sirius hits seventy percent at retail

Satrad, the sirius alternative to radio, That really did rock its way through labor day for sirius.

Howard Stern sales jump to thirtyeight percent....

What's New At Bridge Ratings: "This Week's Update:
Based on Bridge Ratings' in-store research this week, retail sales for satellite radio returned with a vengeance apparently sparked by (a) Labor Day store sales and (b) Sirius promotion focusing on Howard Stern. In fact, Stern-motivated sales of Sirius systems this week jumped significantly over its average of 25% to 38% of all retail sales this weekend we tracked. Stern-motivated sales last week had slipped below 20% for the first time in many months only to almost double this week which included a very busy Labor Day Weekend. Sirius's share of retail sales this past week improved to 65% and to 70% when looking exclusively at the Friday through Monday sales period. (see below). "

heres the link read it all
• Updated August 30 : Satellite Radio Subscription Trending. XM Recovery?. Click Here


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