Saturday, June 03, 2006

ibiquity searches, Japan for lost automotive dashboards

ibiquity went to japan to try and rent space in the dashboard, hope satrad is ahead of the game here. Of course they are. but i expect some hd to creep in very slowly over the next few years in the us market

when will they fix the content, its not about technologie or hardware the content needs help

can somebody please put the radio back into my radio, never mind.. i'll just get a satrad unit from sirius

Ibiquity Hires Sanyo Trading as Japanese OEM Rep
Ibiquity Digital Corp. is putting more pieces in place to get IBOC radios in Japanese cars. The IBOC developer has contracted with an international trader and sales rep firm to support and expand Ibiquity's presence in Japan.
Sanyo Trading General Manager Masaaki Masumoto says his company has long-term relationships with Japanese automakers such as Toyota and Honda. Sanyo Trading, he said, will supplement Ibiquity's efforts by providing in-country support to OEMs deploying HD Radio in vehicles.
Although there's been no publicly stated commitment from Japanese automakers about offering HD Radios as optional or standard equipment, Ibiquity has said it has pledges from eight automakers, in addition to BMW, to install IBOC radios in new vehicles over the next few years.
Ibiquity COO Jeff Jury said IBOC's growth, both here and overseas, has sparked interest in Japan, where efforts with Japanese automotive OEMs have been "steadily increasing."
Privately held Sanyo Trading imports and exports products such as industrial chemicals, machinery and food in addition to acting as a representative for U.S. and European automotive parts companies, including U.S.-owned GST AutoLeather and Leggett and Platt Automotive and German-owned WET Automotive systems.
Sanyo Trading has operations in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, Japan; New York; Detroit; Cincinnati; Amsterdam; Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin, China, and Bangkok.

now for a peak at normal radio revenue trend of course down again

These Days, It’s Only Non-Spot Revenue That’s Up
Radio’s nontraditional revenue is about the only real bright spot for sales managers in recent months.
On-air ad sales lagged in April, dropping 5%, according to RAB, dragging total spot and non-spot dollars down 4% for the month. That grand total was helped only by non-spot revenue’s 8% increase. Local dollars were down 4% and national business was off 7%, all compared to the same month last year and adding up to the 4% grand total falloff for the month.
For the entire first third of the year 2006, U.S. commercial radio revenue is off 1% total, including spot and non-spot. Local is off 2%, national is flat. Non-spot is up 9% for the year.


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