Tuesday, September 12, 2006

sirius questions being asked by investors

feel free to post this where you wish, or to email it to a friend, or another investor you know that may have been effected by this....

This is directly related to both stocks Sirius/xmsr, along with some much broader issue's relating to the security industries, along with full, fair, honest, complete, fast up to-date disclosure, on current positions held by the analyst and their related firms along with the inter related business deals and the use of the media by analyst and their firms.

This point of contact Merklec@sec.gov can forward additional information, to superiors along with the other relevant offices involved. For the Sirius/Xmsr holders that were or are invested in the broader broadcasting industry, that feel they have a legitimate concern, or complaint based primarily on the comments made, issued or released by either (bank of America or Mr. Jacoby) via all forms of media, over the last couple of years. Then spread by the media firms which may also be controlled by wall street in certain cases.

I can state honestly, that three groups (agencies) tasked with oversight of the industry, have open case files currently surrounding this specific subject, it has also been opened at even higher levels of authority ...

Do your homework well include the comments made, be specific include a link to the information or copy and paste it into your email.

State your concern's,or perception of the problems clearly based on the supported facts,Which you need to include. (Note other points of contact will added later)

I also feel obligated to mention,that I have never held xmsr share's ,I do own sirius long term and have traded a few shares over the same time frame which began early in two thousand and four.

Have you held Xmsr from 40 bucks to 30,25,18,12 with Jacoby saying its a buy here and now. while they were selling it which can be viewed easily via the nasdaq site, and buying Sirius we all know where one goes the other one tends to track or stall then slowly drop off.

It's important at this point to mention the track record and pattern of the reported repeated violations of multiple Federal Securities Law by BOA Securities, along with the resulting fines totaling nearly one billion dollars over the past two years. Has resulted in this question being posed to numerous senior regulatory officials, based on the current circumstances as they relate directly. "when at what point do you bring in the US Attorney Generals Office to pursue criminal investigations." Of these matters, the civil fines and penalties of the past and future,ultimately,only hurt the shareholders along with the broader markets in general.

Maybe its time to add, enforceable, mandatory long term prison time, at the state level.For those found guilty of manipulation along with the Ceo's of said firm's, for altering the context of reported material fact, on false and or misleading statements made to influence the markets via any form of media, they should be forced to serve very real hard time outside of the federal prison system.

Have your ever wondered why they openly downplayed the very real downside risk related to a informal and or formal sec investigation surrounding the Xmsr shareholder lawsuit and or the effect it may have on both stocks or the broader broadcasting industry collectively.

I will say many things are going on currently, that all investors should support, and that this specific issue is being used to push for all shareholders rights across the board, which include the full disclosure of information as mentioned above.

The New York State Attorney Generals Office still shows this Complaint as open and ongoing, The rumored case number could be - Ref# 06-00806

I urge all to contact them directly on the issue of (Bank of AmericaSecurities llc/Jacoby) by telephone or email, and request (ask),that they pursue this issue to the very ends of the current laws.....the referenced subject matter highlighted above is very important to include

I would also like to thank Forbes openly and directly for their honest efforts, we should commend them for limiting the comments of Mr. Jacoby and his firm. Then ask them to look into the current and historical events surrounding this subject matter. The Senior Editor is a Mr. Dan Bigman. I would suggest they use, Liz Moyer, based entirely on her last article Naked Justice

This link takes you directly to the NASD NASD Complaint center I surely hope they take more aggressive action then they did in the last major case they dealt with, but suspect they wont, ever...period, self regulation of this industry is plain stupid..

The same crooks specify the punishment in the end with a very token slap on the wrist for the violations, based on that simple concept

I would recommend you build a email contact list that includes contacts for the DOJ , US Attorney general, your state attorney general , Senate Banking Committee, SEC, NYSE ,NASD then send your information and or questions.you may want to include your own attorney at the same time for good measure.....

The DOJ needs to step into the fray along with the senate banking committee forcing the sec to step up and accept the full responsibility they have currently to the public, not the corporations they deal with... they wont, until they hear from from enough people, repeatedly via the telephone, internet along with email.

you can contact the senate banking committees here , let them know of your support, for this issue, after you review the supplied information and the net effect on investors naked shorts,only a few days remain to be added to the list linked here


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