Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dual Satellite radios wheres the truth on this issue!

I'm in complete agreement with Mr Hartleibs petition for declaratory ruling on the mandated interoperable devices along with other interoperable systems. Based upon my personnel research he may well be correct on this issue,In sec filings from calendar year 2000 through 2004 Sirius says they will launch dual/interoperable devices as required!

That said, The recent reply filed jointly by sirius and xm,on the 24th July in Da 07-57. page 21 section c and again on page 95.I quote "the only thing holding up interoperable devices is the merger"

The Fcc should now stop the clock.Then consider the issue as presented, by Mr Hartleib. Along with all the related sec documents.Then publish a finding and or ruling prior to any other action in this merger matter.

I also read this quote below via satelliteradiotachworld which sort of indicates the Fcc also wants the devices made! And may question the status of current compliance with the Fcc mandated vision for sdars to offer consumers dual and or interoperable devices both.

Today, April 16, 2007, Sirius received grantof authority to launch and operate a geostationary satellite

(FM-5). The license term will be for 8 years starting when Sirius notifies the FCC that it has been launched and put into operation.

The FCC made it clear that the grant was issued without prejudice to any action the FCC might take regarding the requirement to produce an interoperable satellite radio.

The statement had an ominous tone. It may be nothing or it may be a sign of
an impending action.

The complete petition can be read here The points listed below were discussed on another date

􀂾 the possibility of requiring implementation of interoperable radios as a
condition of the pending merger

􀂾 the Interoperable Mandate

􀂾 the Petitioner’s request for a Declaratory Ruling

􀂾 procedural protocol of said Petition, as well as numerous issues raised
by Michael Hartleib in support of the pending merger between Sirius
and XM Satellite Radio Inc.

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