Saturday, December 30, 2006

Master Home Intergration, welcome to the team

MHI becomes east Texas area installation partner with AMTC and SIRIUS Satellite Radio for the Commercial Market. If you currently use another music service such as Muzak please note the following cost and feature comparison

While your at it,you may also want to review. Just what the onhold message advertising system features of Teladvantage could really mean to your business. no more dead air, resulting in fewer hang ups.With lost business.

If your a retailer you may wish to inquire about the storecasting concept.Storecasting is where music is playing (in this case SIRIUS Business) and then it fades out, plays an ad message, and then fades back to the siriusbusiness music again.

you can contact amtc directly for more product information

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At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well that's funny. Yeah the price is inexpensive however their service is a joke. AMTC is the worst provider of satellite music ever. They will trick you, charge you higher on the equipment than it's priced at if they can get away with it. The speakers they sell are absolute crap outsourced and made in China in a shack next to the facility that makes Bose equipment. They will tell you it's made in the same place. The amplifiers they sell have literally set themselves on fire because of over heating and the same is true of there receivers. XM equipment is superior and though Muzak may have weather issues at least it won't combust if you play it to long. They will mess up your order and when you are ready to pull you're hair out they will finally fix it. Clayton Burton is the owner of the company AMTC. However, he claims and tells people he is the Vice President because he thinks it makes him more approachable. He is a lawyer so he will bend the law to the brink of illegal. So if he can swindle you he does. Be smart go with a XM retailer even if the sound equipment is a higher price. AMTC is a third party vendor on Sirius Music not a part of Sirius it's self. XM is virtually the same price and the offer unhosted channels. Even on the channels that have no Dj's Sirius still has station tags that no one wants to hear. XM offers just music. IF you prefer Sirius programming go through Dynamic Media at least they will not cheat you or sell you equipment that will burst into flames.

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