Thursday, September 21, 2006

MaggieMoo's gets sirius 190 locations

These folks are doing deal after deal satellite radio exposure is growing ,Packagedwith TelAdvantage, the world’s most recognized brand of telephone "on hold" messaging products and services. Since 1991, AMTC has served over 15,000 customers around the globe. I think Amtc and sirius have a working model where the customer wins on the bottom line..........

AMTC Press Release: "From their beloved, pearl-adorned 'spokescow' to the delicious ice cream treats, MaggieMoo’s offers an unforgettable experience to every guest! The addition of SIRIUS music to their treateries will only add to the welcoming atmosphere they achieve,' concluded Tom Coppola, Sales Manager at AMTC. 'We are delighted to have them as part of the SIRIUS family.'

'SIRIUS background music helps our employees enjoy their work and this translates into a memorable experience for our guests. We don’t just provide award-winning ice cream, we also provide an entertaining atmosphere, and upbeat music is essential to setting the energy and the overall brand tone,' indicated Debbie Benedek, Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing.

Based in Columbia, MD, MaggieMoo’s currently operates more than 190 Treateries across the nation. Each location features a menu of freshly made premium ice creams, mix-ins, smoothies and custom ice cream cakes. MaggieMoo’s chocolate, dark chocolate, vanilla, vanilla bean and strawberry ice cream flavors all have been awarded The National Ice Cream Retailers Association’s prestigious Blue Ribbon Award, for taste, texture and overall appearance for eight years running. MaggieMoo’s is the only national retail concept to win all five awards."

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

U-Tube indie music video contest win sirius studio session

Heres your chance, all you wanna be "stars" submit your material early.......!!

ABC News: Make Your Band Famous: "Each band or musician may submit one video, and it must include a full song. All contestants must be U.S. residents.

'GMA' will unveil the four winning bands on Nov. 29.

Prizes will include new equipment from Gibson; a live performance at Sirius Satellite Radio's 'Fishbowl' studios in New York City; and the chance to have your song featured in a major film or TV show by Chop Shop. "

David Rehr, interview at NAB conference

Sort of sounds like not all station owners have embraced this new digital concept.Could this be another early sign, for a pending failure with this new technology.Woe is me, Please don't listen to the naysayers.But what if their telling the truth about this wonderful new concept,that delivers very little to the end user.

Please somebody just put the radio back in my radio ....!

You can read it linked below.

Radio and Records: "He also said the NAB was embracing HD Radio, but as an industry radio needs to get receivers into the marketplace and smaller market stations need to get on board to create excitement about it.

At the end of his Summit appearance, Jacobs asked the CEO what his No. 1 issue was. Rehr responded with two.

From my personal observations, our current problems are in our minds, he said, urging the audience to go back to their stations to promote the medium rather than listen to the naysayers. That comment led him to add that radio broadcasters need to re-invent popular support for over-the-air radio, something hes trying to do as part of his job with former broadcasters now on Capitol Hill -- people whom Rehr says understand the medium and the challenges it presents today. "

Mark Ramsey whats good about radio

Mark Ramsey,
Comments on radio, So what does radio need to succeed? Mr. Ramsey says it has to be different and have things between the songs that matter to you. That means personalities people can connect with.

"You need to recognize your strengths, you need to leverage those strengths, you need to invest in those strengths," he says. "Content is not cheap. Talent is not cheap. You need to take some risks and appreciate that it's about more than songs."

you can read it linked below
Dallas Morning News News for Dallas, Texas Arts & Entertainment: "He says a lot of people – in radio, other media and even in the audience – think that radio is like an iPod on shuffle. But he disagrees.
'One of the key things that makes radio different from all these others and makes it stand out, and valuable, is the fact that there's stuff between the songs that people value,' he says. 'In fact, the loyalty to the stations, preference for those stations, is driven very much by what's between those songs. It's about connecting with other people.

'That you cannot find on an iPod, you cannot find it on Internet radio, and, to a large degree, you cannot, with certain exceptions like Howard Stern, find that on satellite.' "

Pamela Anderson’s lapdance with Howard Stern

Howard, keep working the press and media turn up the fire a bit,just like pam did......

Zee News - Pamela Anderson’s steamy lapdance making waves in cyberspace!: "London, Sept 20: She may be happily married to rocker Kid Rock, but it’s Pamela Anderson steamy lapdance for another man that is making the rounds of the internet. As for the man in question, well he happens to be none other than controversial DJ Howard Stern.

The buxom ‘Baywatch’ babe is seen wearing a transparent white polo neck jumper, and a miniscule mini-skirt while caressing her 36DD boobs and showing off her shapely bottom to the DJ, reports The Sun.

Viewers can not only enjoy Anderson showing off her assets to the best, but can also her hear her as she tells Stern that though she’s a “closet stripper”, she’s not afraid of doing a lapdance.

'I`m a closet stripper. I`m not scared (of doing a lapdance),' she is heard telling Stern. "

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

siriusbusiness, rooms to go gets sirius

Rooms to Go Designs with SIRIUS Radio

Clearwater, FL - September 19, 2006 – Rooms To Go, America’s #1 furniture company with the nation’s largest furniture inventory, has begun installing SIRIUSBusiness background music service in select store locations. Rooms To Go, headquartered in Seffner, Florida, has nearly 100 retail outlets across the nation. SIRIUSBusiness, provided by Applied Media Technologies Corporation of Clearwater, FL, consists of 67 channels of 24-hour, commercial-free music from SIRIUS Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI).“Rooms To Go has succeeded by offering stylish furniture at low prices, and AMTC is following the same formula with SIRIUSBusiness: offer a full-featured business music service, at a fraction of the price of traditional providers like Muzak,” insists Connie Locke, Account Executive for AMTC.

Privately held AMTC is headquartered in Clearwater, FL. AMTC is the exclusive provider of SIRIUS Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) for business use, under the brand name SIRIUSBusiness. SIRIUSBusiness includes 67 channels of 24-hour, commercial-free music, with all music royalties paid, with subscriptions starting at $24.95 per month, with no contract required. AMTC also manufactures a full line of professional sound equipment. Since 1991, AMTC has served customers around the globe, including names like Bally Total Fitness, Bridgestone-Firestone, Continental Airlines, DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Co. and Morgan Stanley. For further information on SIRIUSBusiness or TelAdvantage, visit

Rooms To Go introduced the concept of displaying and packaging furniture in complete room settings. Their designers coordinate each room’s colors, fabrics and accessories to the last detail, so customers don’t have to. This approach affords customers a simplified shopping experience and increased savings when buying an entire room

iTunes model questioned

Looks like the numbers are much the same as whats been reported in the past...only twenty purchases a year on average per player....So why not just marry the device to the content delivery platform and shorten the purchase chain a bit.

Sure hope the stiletto flys with the get ready the broader industry is ready to slice up your pie.......

you can read it linked below
iTunes business model questioned - New Zealand's source for entertainment news, gossip & music, movie & book reviews on

"Europe's digital music market is expected to double to 385 million euros
($NZ739.6 million) in 2006 from a year ago, Jupiter Research said today, but
iPod owners on average buy only 20 tracks a year from Apple's market-leading
iTunes music store."

Another Sirius re-cert

The guys over at satellite radio tech world, are on top of this sector, thanks guys, you rock..
Whats left for Sirius recerts yet, just the s50 ?

Satellite Radio TechWorld: "Wistron NeWeb received re-certification for the Sirius Streamer Lite receiver this morning. The preliminary manual can be found here. Where there's one, there's usually more to follow."

Kiryung has ongoing union troubles

This issue is on-going, and thus far has not hurt distribution of equipment, lets hope things improve for the workers and company.

IMF - News article: "A recent trade union fact-finding mission on workers' rights violations in Korea, in which the International Metalworkers' Federation participated, expressed deep concerns over the treatment of the workers belonging to the Kiryung Electronics Workers’ Union Local of the KMWU. Kiryung Electronics discriminatorily terminated contracts and dismissed members of the union beginning in July 2005. "

Microsoft launches Soapbox beta rival to YouTube

Better late to the party then not at all. Independent content promoted by the rights holder.

Im left wondering if this concept includes music..

Microsoft launches beta version of rival to YouTube - BR Bulletin - Advertising, Marketing, Media and PR news by Email - Brand Republic:

"It will also be similar to YouTube by allowing the Soapbox community to upload, share, comment on and rate videos, and embed them on their own blogs and websites. Rob Bennett, general manager of entertainment and video services for MSN, said: 'Soapbox delivers on a critical component of the MSN growth strategy of deepening audience engagement by enabling people to participate in the content experience."

'Opie & Anthony' replace Rover on WKRK-FM

So the pest get another new gig on Earthly Radio,Money in the bank for xmsr?
Im not convinced the time was correct, for either satellite radio service to start syndication of their primary exclusive content over the earthly radio air waves..

you can read all on this link below.
'Opie & Anthony' to replace Rover on WKRK - 09/19/06 - The Detroit News Online:

"Rover, you're over. The host of 'Rover's Morning Glory' has now lost his
Detroit affiliate, WKRK-FM (97.1), less than two months after his home station
Chicago'sWCKG-FM, dumped his show in favor of the 'Opie and Anthony Show.

FCC another Media Study Suppressed

The work of the big broadcasting companys sometimes takes many turns, The disclosure of this type of information, by only one elected official is very surprising....(sad)

Sen. Barbara Boxer ,
We thank you, continue your efforts on our behalf. Please demand full disclosure on this issue .....

Senator Says Media Study Suppressed -

"Boxer released the second report Monday afternoon. The FCC Media Bureau report analyzes the impact of deregulation in the radio industry. The report states that from March 1996 through March 2003, the number of commercial radio stations on the air rose 5.9 percent while the number of station owners fell 35 percent.

The intense concentration of ownership followed a 1996 rewrite of telecommunications law that eliminated a 40-station national ownership cap.

The report, apparently prepared in 2003, was never made public, nor have any similar analyses followed, despite the fact that radio industry reports were released in 1998, 2001 and 2002, Boxer said.

In a letter to Martin sent earlier Monday, the senator wrote, This is the second report in a week that I have received that appears to have been shelved by officials within the FCC and I am growing more and more concerned at these developments.'"

Monday, September 18, 2006


Worldspace to broadcast live from the US,Virgin can read it via the link below

WorldSpace International Satellite Radio Network -News Release: "The world-renowned Virgin Festival, sponsored by Virgin Mobile, is held each summer in the United Kingdom but for the first time in its history will be taking place in the United States. The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Who will be headlining this one-day music extravaganza with additional performances by The Flaming Lips, Gnarls Barkley, The Killers, Scissor Sisters and many more. In addition to more than 20 of the world's most popular bands and new artists, the event will also feature two performance stages, a dance tent, a diverse array of vendors and non-profit organizations, and interactive art installations and performance art.
'The Virgin Festival is one of the most well known events in not only the industry but the world, and we are pleased to be such an integral part of its inaugural trip to the United States,' said William Sabatini, vice president, global programming, WORLDSPACE. 'By providing options to both see and hear highlights of the event, we are further demonstrating our commitment to providing our current and prospective subscribers with exclusive access to the world's leading artists, brands and events.'"

''City Sessions,'' Nashvilles hottest from today

The (wdmg) is rocking Nashville today,with its citysessions global concept. which includes most planned can read it all via the link below...

(BW) Nashville's Hottest Indie Artists To Be Featured In ''City Sessions,'' The New High-Definition Show With Global Distribution; Katie Herzig, The Hot Rocks among Nashville artists recording at the Sound Kitchen:

"'City Sessions' spotlights the hottest indie bands in each city by producing shows in a new and unique format that combines the best of both a live recording in a real studio and high-definition video that works on platforms globally.

Giving Nashville artists a global platform carries special meaning for the head of 'City Sessions.' "

RealNetworks dumps microsoft..ouch

Digital Music News: Has reported the following interesting tid-bit.........sounds like painful change, may be forced upon the industry.........

"SanDisk Rhapsody represents a significant departure from a previous, Microsoft-powered Janus portability solution. Moving forward, RealNetworks will replace the Microsoft system with its own, homegrown protections. That will theoretically reduce software glitches that stemmed from the use of a third-party protection system, though SanDisk indicated that the player will also work with Janus-powered stores. Meanwhile, Microsoft is creating the same, closed approach with the upcoming launch of Zune, expected in the November timetable. Part of the Microsoft system will include a-la-carte downloads, though SanDisk Rhapsody will be focused on portable access to rented collections."

Youtube and Warner to split advertising fees

Interesting how the industry is being split into segments,one with a revenue share from advertisments.
The other from a fee based provider,less the commercial clutter. I guess they still dont get it the commercials are painful and just waste my time....

EasyBourse actualité - UPDATE: YouTube And Warner Music Ink Ad Deal:

"YouTube is developing software that automatically identifies copyrighted music and video content uploaded to the site, The Wall Street Journal reported in its online edition. A portion of the revenue from ads placed near the copyrighted material will go to the owner of the copyright, The Journal said.
The deal was expected to be announced Monday. "

Xmsr Audiovox Wi-Fi ......?

Welcome to Audiovox: "November 2006

Take it here, take it there, take it anywhere! Audiovox and XM will be bringing you the ultimate player for the ultimate music experience; satellite radio and MP3 player all-in-one with live reception while portable - only from XM which will let you record and save XM programming instantly with easy-touch recording. Product features include; record and store up to 50 hours of music and XM programming, mix XM tracks with your own MP3s, create instant playlists (no PC required), browse, purchase, get recommendations, and manage playlists with XM + Napster, and store your own MP3 and WMA digital music files."

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

sirius questions being asked by investors

feel free to post this where you wish, or to email it to a friend, or another investor you know that may have been effected by this....

This is directly related to both stocks Sirius/xmsr, along with some much broader issue's relating to the security industries, along with full, fair, honest, complete, fast up to-date disclosure, on current positions held by the analyst and their related firms along with the inter related business deals and the use of the media by analyst and their firms.

This point of contact can forward additional information, to superiors along with the other relevant offices involved. For the Sirius/Xmsr holders that were or are invested in the broader broadcasting industry, that feel they have a legitimate concern, or complaint based primarily on the comments made, issued or released by either (bank of America or Mr. Jacoby) via all forms of media, over the last couple of years. Then spread by the media firms which may also be controlled by wall street in certain cases.

I can state honestly, that three groups (agencies) tasked with oversight of the industry, have open case files currently surrounding this specific subject, it has also been opened at even higher levels of authority ...

Do your homework well include the comments made, be specific include a link to the information or copy and paste it into your email.

State your concern's,or perception of the problems clearly based on the supported facts,Which you need to include. (Note other points of contact will added later)

I also feel obligated to mention,that I have never held xmsr share's ,I do own sirius long term and have traded a few shares over the same time frame which began early in two thousand and four.

Have you held Xmsr from 40 bucks to 30,25,18,12 with Jacoby saying its a buy here and now. while they were selling it which can be viewed easily via the nasdaq site, and buying Sirius we all know where one goes the other one tends to track or stall then slowly drop off.

It's important at this point to mention the track record and pattern of the reported repeated violations of multiple Federal Securities Law by BOA Securities, along with the resulting fines totaling nearly one billion dollars over the past two years. Has resulted in this question being posed to numerous senior regulatory officials, based on the current circumstances as they relate directly. "when at what point do you bring in the US Attorney Generals Office to pursue criminal investigations." Of these matters, the civil fines and penalties of the past and future,ultimately,only hurt the shareholders along with the broader markets in general.

Maybe its time to add, enforceable, mandatory long term prison time, at the state level.For those found guilty of manipulation along with the Ceo's of said firm's, for altering the context of reported material fact, on false and or misleading statements made to influence the markets via any form of media, they should be forced to serve very real hard time outside of the federal prison system.

Have your ever wondered why they openly downplayed the very real downside risk related to a informal and or formal sec investigation surrounding the Xmsr shareholder lawsuit and or the effect it may have on both stocks or the broader broadcasting industry collectively.

I will say many things are going on currently, that all investors should support, and that this specific issue is being used to push for all shareholders rights across the board, which include the full disclosure of information as mentioned above.

The New York State Attorney Generals Office still shows this Complaint as open and ongoing, The rumored case number could be - Ref# 06-00806

I urge all to contact them directly on the issue of (Bank of AmericaSecurities llc/Jacoby) by telephone or email, and request (ask),that they pursue this issue to the very ends of the current laws.....the referenced subject matter highlighted above is very important to include

I would also like to thank Forbes openly and directly for their honest efforts, we should commend them for limiting the comments of Mr. Jacoby and his firm. Then ask them to look into the current and historical events surrounding this subject matter. The Senior Editor is a Mr. Dan Bigman. I would suggest they use, Liz Moyer, based entirely on her last article Naked Justice

This link takes you directly to the NASD NASD Complaint center I surely hope they take more aggressive action then they did in the last major case they dealt with, but suspect they wont, ever...period, self regulation of this industry is plain stupid..

The same crooks specify the punishment in the end with a very token slap on the wrist for the violations, based on that simple concept

I would recommend you build a email contact list that includes contacts for the DOJ , US Attorney general, your state attorney general , Senate Banking Committee, SEC, NYSE ,NASD then send your information and or may want to include your own attorney at the same time for good measure.....

The DOJ needs to step into the fray along with the senate banking committee forcing the sec to step up and accept the full responsibility they have currently to the public, not the corporations they deal with... they wont, until they hear from from enough people, repeatedly via the telephone, internet along with email.

you can contact the senate banking committees here , let them know of your support, for this issue, after you review the supplied information and the net effect on investors naked shorts,only a few days remain to be added to the list linked here

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sirius business another 300 locations

Some deal half price,Of the other guys for live music, from amtc/sirius it sure sounds like they have a working formula based on all the current new agreements that continue to come to lite.

Culver’s Puts SIRIUS Radio On Their Menu

Clearwater, FL, September 11, 2006– Culver Franchising System Inc. of Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, has named SIRIUSBusiness as its endorsed background music service for its 300+ restaurants throughout the U.S. SIRIUSBusiness, provided by Applied Media Technologies Corporation (AMTC), consists of 67 channels of commercial-free music from SIRIUS Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI). Under the agreement, AMTC will also provide sound equipment to the company’s locations.“We want our music to be as fresh as our frozen custard, and with SIRIUSBusiness in our restaurants, we can provide that,” insisted Tom Williams, Director of Design Services for Culver’s Franchising System. “Without the requirement for a long-term contract, our restaurants can be broadcasting the latest tunes immediately.”“With a subscription price of just $24.95 a month and no contract to sign, Culver’s owner/operators are left with more to spend on quality ingredients for their food. This is a great bonus for both the proprietors and the guests,” added Tom Hiatt, Account Executive at AMTC.

Privately held AMTC is headquartered in Clearwater, FL. AMTC is the exclusive provider of SIRIUS Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) for business use, under the brand name SIRIUSBusiness. SIRIUSBusiness includes 67 channels of commercial-free music, with all music royalties paid, and presents the first meaningful competition to Muzak in the business music arena. Subscription plans start at $24.95 per month. AMTC also manufactures a full line of professional sound equipment and provides TelAdvantage, the world’s most recognized brand of telephone “on hold” messaging products and services. Since 1991, AMTC has served over 15,000 customers around the globe, including names like Bally Total Fitness, Bridgestone-Firestone, Continental Airlines, DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Co. and Morgan Stanley.
Culver’s restaurants are independently owned and operated in 329 locations in 16 states. The owner/operator concept has been a cornerstone of growth for Culver’s since the first location opened in Sauk City, Wis., on July 18, 1984. Culver’s invests deeply in partnerships and programs, including its VIP college and technical school scholarship program, the annual Day of Warmth, and countless other franchise-driven local efforts. Culver’s is the recipient of numerous industry and community awards, including the 2005 Nation’s Restaurant News Golden Chain Award and Wisconsin’s Ernst & Young® Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Radio Shack Patent Application Communication Wireless Network to SatRad

My only comment here will be this, that radio shack has obtained broadcasting rights and plans to operate as a MVN Operator, Iwonder just how this all may tie into that little upstart (wdmg) That Sirius and partners control............ Interesting read

Satellite Radio TechWorld: Radio Shack Patent Application: Communication between a Wireless Network and Satellite Radio: "Apparatus and method for effecting communication between a wireless and a satellite radio receiver

An apparatus for effecting communication between a wireless network and a coupled satellite radio receiver includes: (a) a wireless receiver for receiving at least one local signal associated with the wireless network; (b) a coupler for coupling the satellite radio receiver with the apparatus; and (c) a controller coupled with the wireless receiver and with the coupler. The control unit cooperates with the wireless receiver to ascertain presence of a local signal. The controller cooperates with the wireless receiver and the satellite radio receiver to ascertain whether a satellite signal received by the satellite receiver has a predetermined relationship with the local signal. When the satellite signal has the predetermined relationship with the local signal, the controller and the satellite radio receiver cooperate to provide signaling to the satellite radio receiver using the local signal. "

you can read the whole thing here Via

Xmsr Canada breaks 120k sub mark

More good news breaks for the satellite radio industry,On the northern front this time.And begs a very Sirius question, based on the reported information from Canada that Sirius leads in total sales volume

CNW Group: "XM Canada achieves 120,000 subscribers

TORONTO, Sept. 7 /CNW/ - Canadian Satellite Radio Holdings Inc.
(TSX: XSR), through its XM Canada satellite radio service, announced today it
has achieved 120,000 subscribers as of its ninth full month of operation and
the completion of its first fiscal year (ending August 31, 2006).
'Our subscriber level in nine months exceeds all of our expectations and
we look forward to momentous growth in 2007,' said Stephen Tapp, President and
Chief Operating Officer of XM Canada. 'XM Canada offers the most extensive
automotive partnerships, the greatest music and entertainment as well as
innovative technology that Canadians want.'"

Read it here Via the CNW GROUP

Sirius obtains authority for fixed earth station

just another small step, in the correct direction for sirius and satellite radio, this should allow for better control of over all operations by sirius.

the document can be viewed here

SES-LIC-20060721-01234 E E060276
Date Effective: 09/05/2006
Class of Station: Fixed Earth Stations
Grant of Authority
Application for Authority 09/05/2006 - 09/05/2021
Nature of Service: Fixed Satellite Service
41 ° 12 ' 45.00 " N LAT.
24 Vernon Crossing Road, Sussex, Vernon, NJ
74 ° 29 ' 39.00 " W LONG.
ANTENNA ID: 1 9.3 meters Andrew Corp. ES93
5925.0000 - 6425.0000 MHz 36M0G7W 80.50 dBW Digital Data QPSK

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Trademark/Service Mark Application, Principal Register

wonder what sirius and xmsr are really up to here ,this document points toward tv and monitors being used for audio and signals sort of odd sounding....

Trademark/Service Mark Application, Principal Register: "To the Commissioner for Trademarks:
MARK: SELECT SATELLITE RADIO (stylized and/or with design, see mark)

The literal element of the mark consists of SELECT SATELLITE RADIO. The mark consists of Line 1 Text: SELECT Line 2 Text: SATELLITE RADIO Where Line 2 of the text is less than half the size of Line 1 of the text Both Line 1 and Line 2 of the text are within a circle ..
The applicant, Interoperable Technologies LLC, a LIMITED LIABILITY CORPORATION organized under the laws of Delaware, residing at 600 W. Hillsboro Blvd., Suite 130, Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States, 33441, requests registration of the trademark/service mark identified above in the United States Patent and Trademark Office on the Principal Register established by the Act of July 5, 1946 (15 U.S.C. Section 1051 et seq.), as amended.

For specific filing basis information for each item, you must view the display within the Input Table.
International Class 009: Antennas for radio, for television; Mobile radios; Portable radios; Radio and television aerials; Radio receivers; Radio receivers and monitors for reproduction of sound and signals; Radios for vehicles; Radios incorporating clocks

If the applicant is filing under Section 1(b), intent to use, the applicant declares that it has a bona fide intention to use or use through the applicant's related company or licensee the mark in commerce on or in connection with the identified goods and/or services. 15 U.S.C. Section 1051(b), as amended.To the Commissioner for Trademarks:

sirius hits seventy percent at retail

Satrad, the sirius alternative to radio, That really did rock its way through labor day for sirius.

Howard Stern sales jump to thirtyeight percent....

What's New At Bridge Ratings: "This Week's Update:
Based on Bridge Ratings' in-store research this week, retail sales for satellite radio returned with a vengeance apparently sparked by (a) Labor Day store sales and (b) Sirius promotion focusing on Howard Stern. In fact, Stern-motivated sales of Sirius systems this week jumped significantly over its average of 25% to 38% of all retail sales this weekend we tracked. Stern-motivated sales last week had slipped below 20% for the first time in many months only to almost double this week which included a very busy Labor Day Weekend. Sirius's share of retail sales this past week improved to 65% and to 70% when looking exclusively at the Friday through Monday sales period. (see below). "

heres the link read it all
• Updated August 30 : Satellite Radio Subscription Trending. XM Recovery?. Click Here

Xmsr another new trade mark

New information in the satrad realm surfaces on a almost daily basis, wonder when the street will notice and embrace what looks to be a sure winner going forward

from the fine folks at Satellite Radio TechWorld: "XM Trademark Application - The Virus
Word Mark THE VIRUS Goods and Services IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment services, namely, an on-going radio program for broadcasting via satellite digital audio radio services and over the Internet"


Sounds like things are well under way

Satellite Radio TechWorld: "Wednesday, September 06, 2006 Sirius' Geostationary Satellite Launch Details A few more details about the launch became available. The construction start date for the satellite is given as May 31, 2006, which we can assume has already started. The completion date is given as September 1, 2008. In the other document, it was given as 4Q 2008. Perhaps they were giving themselves a little margin. The launch date is given between October 1, 2008 and December 1, 2008. The estimated date of placement into service is February 15, 2009.

The 'Reason for orbital location selection' was:

This oribital location provides high elevation angles to all of CONUS, which is very important fo the link between the satellite and the user terminals in the CONUS. The high elevation anlge minimizes the risk of signal blockage due to buildings and foliage."

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sirius FM-5 Request for launch made

Satellite Radio Tech World has reported the following information on FM-5 This is another step in the correct direction for Sirius and partners.Wonder if music videos from (WDMG) get tied into this video offering going forward...

"Sirius hereby requests authority to launch and operate Sirius FM-5,a geostationary satellite, to provide satellite digital audio radio services to our subscribers and to Sirius Canada's subscribers in the 48 contiguous states and Canada."

  • EIRP received at car -116.4 dBW; Flux density, -87.6 dBW/M^2.
  • At a minimum, the satellite will transmit at 3 times during the day, "when one 'live' NGSO spacecraft rapidly recedes south of the border, and before the service link shifts to the "rising" satellite next in line". (This is the first recognition that Sirius has reception issues during this time.)
  • The geostationary satellite as well as their present satellites will use an "overlay modulation" technique, which will add an additional 1.35 Mb/s throughput.This "overlay modulation" technique will be implemented next year with their existing satellites.
  • Will improve reliability and service quality.
  • Improves spatial diversity. You can get more information here

The following excerpt is from the second quarter 2006 conference call,the comments made by Jim Meyer of Sirius, the full transcript can be viewed at Mel Karmazin, stated clearly Our video initiative is well underway and we are close to signing deals to offer the best video programming for kids as part of our OEM offering in the second half of the year.(2006)

We recently announced that in late 2008 we will launch a new and powerful Sirius FM 5, our fourth satellite, into a geostationary orbit joining our existing satellites to create a hybrid constellation. We expect several major benefits from this permanent hybrid configuration, such as: improved robust service, signal diversity, and network redundancy. Sirius FM 5 should extend the useful lives of our existing satellites and serve as an in orbit spare in the event of a major failure, reducing a small element of risk to our customers and shareholders. Our minimum look angles will improve, while we simultaneously retain the benefit of the high look angle HEO birds. Bottom line: without getting too technical, we will be taking an unparalleled user experience and making it even better, particularly with improvements for fixed location receivers, wearable devices, and mobile users.

Monday, September 04, 2006

GP Canada's hottest XM radio market

Xmsr another Sirius Alternative To Radio

: "While exact sales figures weren't being released by the company, Bitvol said Grande Prairie was the company's biggest market when it launched in late November 2005 and again around special occasions such as Father's Day. Grande Prairie's Future Shop alone did $40,000 in sales in the first month on XM units, not including other retailers."

Bitvol also indicated, Subscriber sales numbers would be forthcoming this week.

you can read it Here

Friday, September 01, 2006

Stiletto in BoomBox

Yes sir,A truly fine looking piece of equipment mounted in its own Stiletto BoomBox...

Did I mention its brought to you by Sirius and Directed Electronics .....

Sirius re-certs issued by FCC

Based on what's being reported currently by SatelliteRadioTechWorld Looks as if the concern of equipment shortages should begin to reside a bit .I sure hope that's the case.

The previous Sportster 3 certification was either withdrawn by Ki Ryung or dismissed by the FCC. Today, a modified version of the Sportster 3 received a re-certification grant (FCC ID P3HNSPH3), issued by its TCB. Three other radios were also re-certified again: the Sportster Replay, the Visor, and the Sirius One (FCC IDs P3HNSPHR1, P3HNXTRH3 and P3HNSVH1G3S). All four of these had previously been certified on August 09, 2006.

Wistron NeWeb Complies with FCC's Request
On August 28, 2006, Wistron NeWeb updated the internal and external photographs, test setup, and test report for the the recently re-certified StarMate radio, complying with the FCC's request for additional informationThe newly re-certified StarMate appears to use the same technique that XM was using just prior to the FCC investigation into the compliance issues. However, the TCB did not go through the extensive testing that the FCC required of XM on its most recent certification grant. Previously, the FCC clarified the testing procedure. The clarification to XM came after the TCB received the radio from Sirius for testing. There is still the possibility that the FCC could reject the StarMate re-certification.

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