Saturday, December 30, 2006

Master Home Intergration, welcome to the team

MHI becomes east Texas area installation partner with AMTC and SIRIUS Satellite Radio for the Commercial Market. If you currently use another music service such as Muzak please note the following cost and feature comparison

While your at it,you may also want to review. Just what the onhold message advertising system features of Teladvantage could really mean to your business. no more dead air, resulting in fewer hang ups.With lost business.

If your a retailer you may wish to inquire about the storecasting concept.Storecasting is where music is playing (in this case SIRIUS Business) and then it fades out, plays an ad message, and then fades back to the siriusbusiness music again.

you can contact amtc directly for more product information

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sirus business RSS Feed available

It's my hunch, other news items of interest may be fourth coming shortly.

For Immediate Release

Really Simple SIRIUS: AMTC Adds RSS Feed

Clearwater, FL - December 21, 2006 - Applied Media Technologies Corporation, provider of SIRIUSBusiness and TelAdvantage, has added a news aggregator feed to its Web site, The RSS 2.0 feed will permit interested parties to subscribe to AMTC news items, which include press releases, announcements, and coverage of AMTC in mainstream media.

The feed can be accessed using any RSS reader or aggregator. The subscription URL is

Privately-held AMTC is headquartered in Clearwater, FL. AMTC is the exclusive provider of SIRIUS Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) for business use, under the brand name SIRIUSBusiness.
SIRIUSBusiness includes 69 channels of 24-hour, commercial-free music, with all music royalties paid, and presents the first meaningful competition for Muzak in the business music arena. AMTC also manufactures a full line of professional sound equipment and provides TelAdvantage, the world’s most recognized brand of telephone "on hold" messaging products and services. Since 1991, AMTC has served over 20,000 customers around the globe, including names like Bally Total Fitness, Bridgestone-Firestone, Continental Airlines, DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, Morgan Stanley, Wendy's and Yum! Brands. For further information on SIRIUSBusiness or TelAdvantage, visit

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Lycos to launch Citysessiontv Video and online chat

Update this information has been confirmed here. further details should be Fourth coming on the fourth of January . Sure would be nice, if Sirius explained their exact relationship with the world digital media group.

Citysessionstv , has reported that Lycos has selected world digital media group as the first provider of music content for Lycos Cinema. which will start as a half hour weekly show, In the form of a Video and online artist chat.Beginning in January 2007. Currently five videos are listed on the site. which range in length from a very short three minutes to forty five.

Worth noting is the site demographics which leans heavily toward the 13/24 year old group which has become very hard for earthly radio broadcasters to attract and retain.

This past Friday. Ali Lohan, was also promoting her Christmas album "Lohan Holiday" with DJ Brenda.On Bobba Music

Britecove has also been running many online promos one is linked here

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Internet radio station use statistics

Its a rather interesting read,but makes no mention of the overall effect of the Clear Channel purchase by Blackstone and partners.Or what effect the pending sale of four hundred forty eight stations will have on the related numbers.

After reviewing a few of the Radio web sites suggested in a article at audiographics. I just don't see anything on a single site that would motivate me to visit again, they truly are that bad.You can read the article from Ken linked here

What I would like to see from the satellite radio company's. Would be a co-owned and operated lifestyle web site, that truly caters to the listener and online user base.Its time you take the fight to the old broadcasters.

Analyst: Internet Radio Unique Use Hits All-Time High Dec. 21, 2006

By Jeffrey Yorke , You can read it Via radioandrecords

Terrestrial broadcasters’ heavy investment into their digital/online operations has sparked stunning growth. The number of unique visitors to terrestrial operators’ Web sites is “up more than 110% year over year, while internet operators’ sites are up about 25% year over year,” according to a comphrensive report issued Thursday (Dec. 21) by J.P. Morgan media analyst John Blackledge.

“Overall, unique visitors to all of internet radio grew 3% sequentially in November 2006,” writes Blackledge in his “Internet Radio Scorecard.” He notes that “total unique visitors to internet radio are now up 44% year over year to 55 million. Since November 2005, the internet radio audience has grown at a 3.1% monthly compounded rate.”

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pizza Ranch gets sirius Via Amtc

The Pizza Ranch Corrals SIRIUSBusiness

HistoryPizza Ranch has a reputation for being a family restaurant that serves quality food at an excellent value. Pizza Ranch has steadily grown to be one of the largest pizza chains in the Midwest since its first location opened in Hull, Iowa back in 1981. In fact, Pizza Ranch is now the largest regional pizza chain in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. "We're pleased with the growth we've seen," said Adrie Groeneweg, President of Pizza Ranch Inc. "We've focused on raising the bar on quality, adding new stores and becoming more innovative. Our slogan is 'Good Things, Every Day,' and we strive to make that happen for our customers, our employees and our franchisees

Clearwater, FL, December 19, 2006– The Pizza Ranch has added music to their Midwest values. Little league pizza parties and chicken dinners will now be set to 67 commercial-free music channels provided by Applied Media Technologies Corporation. The Pizza Ranch has partnered with AMTC to provide SIRIUSBusiness for just $24.95 per month, contract-free, as well as all sound equipment at a discounted rate.

“The Pizza Ranch’s slogan is ‘Good Things, Every Day,” said Justin Mulder, Construction Consultant for The Pizza Ranch. “With SIRIUS Satellite Radio we can provide our valued customers and employees with good music, every day.” Mulder also noted that AMTC’s technical support and installation services are unparalleled in the industry.

“Community was stressed over and over as part of the The Pizza Ranch culture,” said Connie Locke, Account Executive for AMTC. “We hope to be the part of that community that provides a great music that their customers will truly enjoy.”

. For additional information, visit
Starting as a single store in Hull, Iowa, the Pizza Ranch, which specializes in pizza and chicken, has grown steadily and now has franchises in eight states. Pizza Ranch is one of the largest pizza chains in the Midwest, and is now the largest regional pizza chain in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. For additional information, visit

Audi Canada begins to get sirius

read it here CNW Group: "Virtually all Audis will be available with SIRIUS in 2007

TORONTO, Dec. 19 /CNW/ - Audi Canada and SIRIUS Canada today announced an exclusive long-term agreement that will make SIRIUS Satellite Radio receivers a factory option in virtually all Audi vehicles sold in Canada. Audi Canada will offer factory-installed SIRIUS Satellite Radio receivers with a three month subscription to SIRIUS Canada's premium 110 channel satellite radio service.

Starting early 2007, multiple Audi Canada vehicle lines will be available with SIRIUS Satellite Radio including the category defying Audi A3, the sporty A4 sedan, Avant and Cabriolet models; the high performance S4 sedan, Avant and Cabriolet models; the extreme RS 4, the design-leading A6 sedan and A6 Avant; the sophisticated and powerful S6; the performance SUV from the creator of quattro - the Audi Q7; the premium flagship all-aluminum Audi A8, A8 L, and
the 450 horsepower S8 and A8 L W12; and the upcoming TT Coupe and Roadster. By late summer of 2007, virtually all Audi Canada vehicles will be able to be equipped with SIRIUS Satellite Radio."

Chrysler Canada cuts another week of production

Leading auto sector analyst, have reduced further production projections for calendar year 2007.
The current estimates range as low as 14.75 million unit's combined for all of north America.

Fenton plant, braces for downtime during January.

Donlen has a planned production downtime list, for the big three available here, It's from October.

The Brampton Guardian: Cuts at Chrysler: "DaimlerChrysler Canada Inc. Has announced it will reduce production at several of its Ontario plants, including Brampton, in the new year.

Company officials confirmed it would halt output of the Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnum and Charger models during the weeks of Jan. 22, Jan. 29, Feb. 19 and March 12.

Initially Chrysler scheduled to cut back for only three weeks during the first quarter but just recently added a fourth week (Jan. 22) to the calendar.

The move-- occurring at plants in both Canada and in the United States-- is in a bid to reduce high inventories, the company said in an announcement.

The stoppages will affect about 5,000 workers in Windsor and another 3,600 in Brampton."

Monday, December 18, 2006

Heineken Sirius sweeps about to end

By Jolene Morelli

On the heels of its Casino Royale tie-in promotion (See Related Articles), Heineken USA is again making its presence known in-store via sweepstakes -- this time with two holiday-themed efforts.

The first sweeps awards 10 lifetime subscriptions to Sirius Satellite Radio. Shoppers enter on the company’s web site or by text-messaging their six-digit birth dates to phone number “GREEN” through the end of December. Signs directing shoppers to the company’s web site for details support.

You can also enter online, Via email here for one of the ten stilettos.....!!

A second promo, dubbed “Get What You Really Want This Holiday,” awards one plasma TV valued at $3,000. Support includes cooler clings and case cards with tearpad entry forms. The sweeps runs through Dec. 30.

Published: December 2006"

Some Cars Will Lose OnStar Link

Worth reading, I'm left wondering about the customer relationship damage, caused by this action.

wonder what legal recourse may be available to the folks that purchased the device and service.

Mayday! Some Cars Will Lose OnStar Link - New York Times: "OnStar declined to make an executive available for this article, but in a statement said, “We at OnStar sincerely regret that we will not be able to provide OnStar service to vehicles with analog-only hardware after Dec. 31, 2007.” When asked why it continued to install equipment that could not be upgraded even after the F.C.C. ruling, the company said that “each vehicle has its own development and manufacturing schedule, not all vehicles will receive the same OnStar equipment at the same time.”"

opie and anthony anger boston mayor again

Radio and Records: "O&A Draw Boston Mayor's Wrath... Again
Dec. 18, 2006
By Mike Boyle

XM Satellite Radio/CBS Radio personalities Opie and Anthony have once again managed to get the attention of Boston mayor Thomas M. Menino. This time it was the duo’s annual “Homeless Shopping Spree,” held at an suburban New Jersey mall on Saturday (Dec. 16), that has riled up the mayor.

O&A loaded homeless people from New York City -- with nicknames such as Gray Wolf, Papa Rock and Half-A-Hulk Face -- into a luxury bus and drove them to an upscale Short Hills, N.J., mall, gave them gift cards to buy anything they wanted and broadcast the shopping trip live on XM, WBCN/Boston, WFNY/New York and WYSP/Philadelphia.

'This so-called `shopping spree’ is a sick and twisted exercise that degrades the most vulnerable members of our society,' Menino told the Boston Globe. 'This is wrong, and we need the public ... who care about the homeless and about basic human decency to stand up and tell them so.'

He added, 'These individuals and this station [WBCN] should be punished,' Menino said.

O&A first drew the wrath of Menino back in 1998 after broadcasting a false April Fool's report that Menino had been killed in a car accident in Florida. The duo were summarily fired from Boston's WAAF-FM.

Contacted on Monday (Dec. 18) for a reaction to Menino’s comments during a replay of Saturday’s event across the O&A network, show producer Steve C. told R&R, “Stay tuned tomorrow [Dec. 19]… there will be [a reaction]. That was the biggest response for the 'HSS' that we ever had. I know the tendency in radio is to exaggerate, you can read it all here

ford canada twenty models with sirius by eoy 07

CNW Group:
"Attention Business/Automotive Editors:

Ford of Canada to Make SIRIUS Satellite Radio Factory Standard in Virtually All Models
20 Ford vehicle lines will have SIRIUS Satellite Radio as factory-standard equipment

TORONTO, Dec. 18 /CNW/ - The Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited and SIRIUS Canada today announced that SIRIUS Satellite Radio receivers will become a factory-standard feature in virtually all Ford and Lincoln vehicles sold in Canada. By the end of 2007, nearly every new Ford vehicle sold in
Canada will come equipped with SIRIUS Satellite Radio and a subscription to SIRIUS Canada's premium 110 channel satellite radio service."

Sinus buster,Targets Women.. Oh Martha ?

Well after the interview Martha had with howard .Wonder if this makes the spot line up on her Sirius show...

New Nasal Spray Targets Hormones For Menstrual & Menopausal Women: "SiCap Industries, makers of the Sinus Buster brand have announced the official launch of their new 'Women's Formula' designed to relieve a variety of menstrual symptoms including headaches, bloating, breast sensitivity and even mood swings. According to company officials, they've created the world's first Homeopathic nasal spray for menstruating and menopausal women.

Albany, NY (PRWEB) December 18, 2006 -- Sinus Buster is well known as the world's first hot pepper nasal spray famous for relieving a variety of sinus, headache and allergy symptoms. Now it turns out that hot peppers are also good for menstrual headaches.

This is the best relief any woman has ever experienced for their periods and
even menopause. It really works, and the women we've tested it on are convinced
we have a real breakthrough for treating female hormonal symptoms SiCap
Industries, makers of the Sinus Buster brand have announced the official launch
of their new 'Women's Formula' designed to relieve a variety of menstrual
symptoms including headaches, bloating, breast sensitivity and even mood swings.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mygig factory built in Missouri by Harmin

We expect sales to Chrysler to increase in future periods as we begin shipping
infotainment systems to support new platforms during fiscal 2007 and accelerating in fiscal 2008.To meet the needs of new infotainment system programs for automotive customers. These investments included construction of a factory in Missouri that began manufacturing systems for Chrysler in late fiscal 2006.

Worth noting is the first quarter of fiscal year 2007. Started for Harmon in July of calendar year 2006 Some early issues were discovered and corrected. Based upon the announced Canadian roll out of new Chrysler models that contain Sirius things may be looking up for sirius . This is very good news. harmon appears to be well positioned to drive satellite radio growth via the entertainment/navigation devices.

you can read more here

Cheap internet devices coming ?

Change runs rampant ,within the broader broadcasting industry as a whole.

With recent confirmation from Cambridge consultants linked below,that at least one of the two primary satellite radio company's Sirius or Xmsr , has held talks concerning this cost effective solution for distribution of content .Which bodes well for continued sector growth going forward.

Hd Radio along with it's many industry partners, appear to have launched to little to late . I also have some growing concerns or questions.

I wonder if the current advertisements, should disclose . In the display material and someplace on the device packaging, the simple fact that the current models operate in Hd mode at a much shorter distance. Then the old analog units they will replace. Also some channels are blocked by interference directly by the IBOC system.

Its a bad move trying to market this concept to listeners, many will be greatly disappointed by the current generation of failed technology. The perception of all radio will suffer from the poor listener experience provided by this undertaking.

At CES 2007, Cambridge Consultants will launch a platform design which rewrites the economics of the emerging internet radio market. Based on just two ICs, the Iona Wi-Fi portable radio can be built with an electronic bill-of-materials (eBOM) costing less than $15. This incredibly small figure could lead to consumer products retailing for around $50 to $60 — which is under half of most of today's internet-ready 'kitchen radio' type products. Designed to operate without a PC, the Iona radio technology is as accessible and easy to use as today's portable FM radios.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fastsigns gets SiriusBusiness and TelAdvantage messaging

These guys just keep rolling on spreading their quality collective offering in a cost effective fashion.

AMTC Makes Music and Messaging Choice Simple for FASTSIGNS

Clearwater, FL – December 12, 2006 – FASTSIGNS International, Inc., a worldwide sign and graphics franchisor, has made SIRIUSBusiness the recommended background music for FASTSIGNS® centers. FASTSIGNS, whose headquarters are in Carrollton, Texas, has nearly 500 sign centers worldwide. SIRIUSBusiness consists of 67 channels of 24-hour, commercial-free music from SIRIUS Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI). Under the agreement, AMTC will also provide sound equipment to FASTSIGNS franchise operators.

“SIRIUSBusiness is clearly an exceptional value for store music. The variety and quality of music are terrific, and the $24.95 price is amazing,” said Jimmy Screws, Vendor Relations Manager at FASTSIGNS.

“FASTSIGNS is a company that understands the significance of a brand, and we’re delighted that they have chosen SIRIUSBusiness as a part of the brand image they convey in their stores,” acknowledged Tom Coppola, Retail Industry Sales Manager.

In addition to endorsing SIRIUSBusiness, FASTSIGNS has also endorsed AMTC’s TelAdvantage as an approved telephone “on hold” messaging program. TelAdvantage is the world’s most recognized brand of telephone “on hold” messaging products and services, serving over 15,000 customers globally. AMTC is the exclusive provider of the state-of-the-art iQueue II digital message player, which connects directly to business telephone systems as “music on hold” and is the first “on hold” messaging solution to feature distribution of messages via the Internet.

###Privately held AMTC is headquartered in Clearwater, FL. AMTC is the exclusive provider of SIRIUS Satellite Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) for business use, under the brand name SIRIUSBusiness. SIRIUSBusiness includes 67 channels of 24-hour, commercial-free music, with all music royalties paid. AMTC also manufactures a full line of professional sound equipment and provides TelAdvantage, the world’s most recognized brand of telephone “on hold” messaging products and services. Since 1991, AMTC has served customers around the globe, including names like Bally Total Fitness, Bridgestone-Firestone, Continental Airlines, DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Co. and Morgan Stanley. For further information on SIRIUSBusiness or TelAdvantage, visit

FASTSIGNS® sign and graphics centers offer a full range of custom sign and graphic products, including large-format, full color graphics; banners; window and vehicle graphics; floor graphics; point-of-purchase signs and graphics; safety and identification signage; trade show displays and exterior signage. The nearly 500 FASTSIGNS® centers worldwide focus on serving the needs of the business community. For more information, visit, or call 800-FASTSIGNS.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sirius Volkswagen Canada early in 2007

A small brite spot for the holiday season in the notrth country.

CNW Group:

"AJAX, ON, Dec. 12 /CNW/ -
Volkswagen Canada is pleased to announce that it will offer factory-installed SIRIUS satellite radio on selected models,starting next year.

Beginning in early 2007, this feature will be available on eligible 2007 Rabbit, Jetta, New Beetle, New Beetle Convertible, Passat sedan, and Passat Wagon models. Activation and a complimentary three-month subscription to SIRIUS Canada's premium 110 channel satellite radio service upon delivery and activation is also included with this option."

select Satellite Radio trade mark published for opposition


Trade mark published today for can view the document online here

Standard Character claim: Yes

Current Status: Approved by the examining attorney for publication for opposition. This is NOT the beginning of the Opposition period. In approximately two months, please visit the web site to learn the actual date of publication for opposition in the Trademark Official Gazette.

Date of Status: 2006-12-09

Filing Date: 2006-04-27

Monday, December 11, 2006

ZING Names CE Industry Veteran Jon McCormack VP Software

I'm still expecting more from Sirius and Zing .Indications are the riaa/digital rights has sort of hampered things a bit on the first devices...

ZING Names CE Industry Veteran Jon McCormack as VP of Software:


ZING today announced the appointment of Consumer Electronics industry veteran Jon McCormack as Vice President of Software. McCormack will assume overall leadership for ZING's platform, application software and services, used by leading consumer partners like SIRIUS Satellite Radio to create a new class of portable entertainment players. Devices based on the ZING Mobile Entertainment Engine and services are distinguished by their ability to connect, download, manage and exchange entertainment content and information directly from the player.

McCormack will be tasked with growing ZING’s development organization, expanding its product offering and supporting ZING’s partners. He reports directly to ZING CEO Tim Bucher.

“Jon is a proven leader and accomplished technologist with a track record in creating handheld and personal device products,” said ZING CEO Bucher. “He has created software and user experiences in connected environments that bring better information, communications and entertainment experiences to consumers. Jon is simply a perfect match for ZING.” "

Worldspace to launch another indian channel

WORLDSPACE(R) Satellite Radio Launches India's First 24-Hour Gujarati Channel

SILVER SPRING, Md., Dec. 11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- WORLDSPACE(R) Satellite Radio , one of the world leaders in satellite-based digital radio services today introduced 'Radio Umang', the first ever 24-hour Gujarati radio channel for subscribers in South Asia including the Company's primary market of India. 'Radio Umang' (channel 111) presents a unique platform, ranging from the pulsating tunes of the Garba and Dandia Raas to the melodious Sugam Sangeet and Ghazals, that showcases the rich diversity of musical traditions of Gujarat. There are over 50 million people in India alone who speak Gujarati.

I'm thinking these guys are in deep trouble do to the recent rollout of hundres of new am/fm stations that will blanket all of india. From most available information , the documents required to launch repeater networks.Still reside with the government of India for some reason.

Xmsr pulled the plug for a reason.I would think it was for reasons other then the issue of available time alone

Telus Canada to launch Motokrzr xmsr content

It's another small step toward the future, at least one major oem audio/navigation/entertaiment device maker has hinted at the need for a small portable device. Like the cell phone, that enables your content to play when docked where ever you may be.Yes a true portable plug and play. They have also indicated they are following the sirius cell phone issue for some reason.

CNW Group:

The MOTOKRZR K1m also features access to TELUS Mobile Radio for streaming satellite radio
programming including 100 per cent commercial-free music and the best in comedy, talk and entertainment.

'The MOTOKRZR from TELUS is sure to impress even the most picky person onyour holiday gift-giving list thanks to its sophisticated style combined with the power of TELUS' Wireless High Speed service for fast downloads,' said Robert Blumenthal, TELUS senior vice-president of Products and Services. 'With
TELUS Mobile Radio on the MOTOKRZR, clients can listen to 20 streaming radio stations powered by XM Canada.'"

VNU Media cuts ten percent of global force

That's correct ten percent must go, even after growing profit's pink slips were distributed on this past Friday.

I have seen very little that would suggest this group really supports the needed change to save the am/fm radio broadcasting platform from continued downsizing. That said i do think they will begin to promote certain digital concepts they control.

It' just one more step toward complete consolidated control of content ,research and the related distribution of information. Via their hedge fund owners, which I believe will result in more direct manipulation Via the media and publishing platforms they control collectively along with the broadcasting company's they also control...

where's the government's regulators this ,honestly can't be good for the industry or consumers.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

From the North Country earthly in decline

Radio Ratings: One Man's Opinion

Ben Meisner
Wednesday, December 06, 2006 03:45 AM

Unless you had your head under your wing, those in the radio business should have taken time to read the comments from readers about the state of the business a week or so ago.
It painted a very clear picture of what is happening in the industry with respect to satellite radio, and the listeners in this region.

This weeks radio ratings released by the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement tell the same story that was heard earlier from readers.

CKKN (now, the River) lost more than half of its audience going from 22.2 % of the listeners aged 12 and over, down to 10.4 %.

CKDV (the Old CKPG), Drive went from 23.1 % to 15.3%, a drop of 34%.
94-X went from 22.7% to 13.1 % nearly a 40% drop The bright spot in all the ratings was “The Wolf” (old CJCI) they remained number one at 29.4% down from 32% this past spring.

Now over at the Drive they are saying that they got a bad book. Too many old people got ballots and all of those old people like Country Music. I would suggest the powers that be go to the next BBM convention to learn how they do these calculations.

BBM goes to great lengths to ensure they do not have too many people reply in any age bracket. They also go to special pains to even out the ballots if too many from a certain age bracket are received. A lot of people rely on the results of the radio ratings across Canada and BBM does a very good job of ensuring that the results reflect the listening. If anyone in the industry has trouble understanding this, they will come away understanding that what you got, is exactly is what you had.

The comments to this paper made it quite plain when readers wrote, satellite and poor offerings, are the reason for the slips in radio, plain and simple.

CBC grabbed a 15.8 % share of the audience by offering up a talk format in the morning reaching out to wide spectrum of listeners. They are not given money to buy an audience during the ratings, Mother Corp won’t allow it. So that reflects a pretty accurate picture.

In the end when a station loses half of its audience I wonder aloud whether they go out to their advertisers and offer to sell them ads at half price?

I’m Meisner and that’s one man’s opinion.
Posted on Wednesday, December 06, 2006 03:45 AM in Views by Ben Meisner

Monday, December 04, 2006

Amtc Lands Car Care Centers for Teladvatage

American Car Care Centers Dial into TelAdvantage

Worth noting is the holiday discount's listed for the amtc service holiday special rebates

Clearwater, FL, December 4, 2006 – Memphis, TN-based American Car Care Centers (ACCC) has selected Applied Media Technologies Corporation as its preferred vendor for telephone “on hold” messaging. Under the agreement, ACCC stores will receive special pricing on AMTC’s TelAdvantage system, including the iQueue II Digital Music and Messaging on Hold Player and custom message recording. In addition, stores will have access to a variety of ACCC messages created in cooperation with the ACCC Marketing Department via, the world’s first online distribution system for “on hold” messaging and music. TelAdvantage is the world’s most recognized brand of telephone “on hold” messaging. AMTC has provided TelAdvantage service to more than 15,000 clients globally.

“We at AMTC look forward to providing American Car Care Center stores with our premier ’message on hold‘ product. TelAdvantage delivers a flexible, cost-effective solution, providing ACCC dealers with the opportunity to advertise to consumers while they have their individual attention.” explained Troy Peterson, Account Representative at AMTC.
"As a coast-to-coast operation, maintaining brand consistency is a challenge. By using TelAdvantage and HoldDirect, we can help our dealers project a professional and consistent image," Denise Rawls, Program Development Manager for ACCC.
Privately held AMTC is headquartered in Clearwater, FL. AMTC is the world’s largest provider of telephone “on hold” messaging. The company’s TelAdvantage product includes a digital music and messaging “on hold” player, professional message recording and digital message distribution via Since 1991, AMTC has provided “on-hold” messaging for numerous national corporations, including Allstate Insurance Company, Bridgestone/Firestone, Chrysler, Ford and Morgan Stanley. For further information on AMTC’s telephone “on hold” messaging offerings, visit

American Car Care Centers (ACCC), the largest network of independent tire and automotive service dealers in the U.S. ACCC is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. Currently there are 19 member distributors and over 1,100 locations nationwide.

Xmsr Canada Hyundai two models


Globe and Mail Update
Canada's two satellite radio companies are racing to lock up deals with car manufacturers, hoping to attract new subscribers with factory-installed receivers — and the number of contracts still up for grabs is dwindling fast.

After a flurry of agreements signed by XM Canada and Sirius Canada Inc. in the industry's first year, only a few auto makers are left to be courted, setting the stage for a potentially intense battle in 2007.

One more car maker will be taken off the table on Monday when XM Canada's parent, Canadian Satellite Radio Holdings Inc., announces a multiyear agreement with Markham, Ont.-based Hyundai Canada Inc. to install receivers on two of the company's models.

That will leave only a few major auto names for XM and Sirius to fight over, including Kia, Mazda and the high-end luxury brands Porsche and Mercedes.

Some analysts believe the auto sector is satellite radio's best chance at growing quickly. XM Canada has so far commanded the lion's share of those contracts, offering stock and cash to ink agreements with General Motors of Canada Ltd., Honda Canada Inc., Nissan Canada Inc. and others.

Toronto-based Sirius Canada has agreements with companies such as Ford Motor Co. of Canada Ltd. and BMW Canada Inc., but is focusing on retail sales. It will add Audi in late-2008 when a contract with XM is set to expire.

Sirius Canada claims a huge lead in retail sales so far, suggesting it sells about 70 per cent of the receivers bought through major outlets such as Future Shop, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire.

Responding to that figure, Canadian Satellite Radio chief executive officer John Bitove said his company will have an 80-per-cent share of the factory-installed satellite radio market for new cars in 2007.

Industry estimates peg that number at between 300,000 and 500,00 receivers.

“Based on where some of these negotiations were going before we launched last year, if you would have told me we'd have half these car company deals done I would have been pleased,” Mr. Bitove said.

“There's four key components that were required to get them done. Some were cash, some were stock, some get a commission off the subscription fee, some get a one-time fee. . . . It's usually a blend of all of the above.”

Satellite radio launched a year ago in Canada. The industry has posted deep financial losses since then as each company burns through startup cash and spends heavily to lure paying subscribers.

Toronto-based Canadian Satellite Radio lost more than $100-million in its first year of operation, and the company's stock has languished since going public last December at $16. The stock closed at $7.50 on the Toronto Stock Exchange last week.

Sirius Canada, privately owned, doesn't disclose its finances. But, like XM Canada, it doesn't expect to be profitable for the first few years.

Both companies broadcast roughly 100 channels of music and talk radio at a subscription fee to listeners of about $15 a month. Convincing listeners to pay for satellite radio, which has fewer commercials and touts big-name celebrities such as Howard Stern, Martha Stewart and Oprah as on-air hosts, is the industry's biggest challenge.

New-car buyers usually get a three-month trial, but the companies must convince them to sign up long term, rather than tune into free commercial radio.South of the border, the companies' U.S. affiliates have a conversion rate — the number of car buyers who sign up after the trial ends — of approximately 55 to 60 per cent.

Mr. Bitove said Canadian Satellite Radio's figure has been below that in its first year, but is rising.

“We're trending ahead of where the U.S. would have been by this point in time, and we're getting closer to the U.S. number as each month goes by,” Mr. Bitove said.

Sirius Canada is winning the subscription battle in this country, announcing 200,000 paying customers in its first year, compared with 91,200 reported by XM Canada.

“We made a lot of investments and aggressively went after retail knowing how important retail would be for the first couple of years,” Sirius Canada CEO Mark Redmond said recently.

Sirius Doo Wop Gold

As announced on WNET Thirteen in New York last night, beginning Wednesday, December 13th, TJ Lubinsky will host an all new "live by request" doo wop show on Sirius Gold.

Wednesdays from 9pm to Midnight, immediately following Cousin Brucie.Lubinsky has recorded and reunited hundreds of doo wop groups, artists and musicians from the 1950s and 60s for his PBS television specials. Each Wednesday night, TJ will take live doo wop requests, playing the biggest original hits, b-sides, album cuts and forgotten 45's of the doo wop era, his show will share rare live vocal harmony performances and never-before broadcast interviews with doo wop groups.

TJ Lubinsky's "Doo Wop Gold on Sirius Gold" begins Wednesday, December 13th at 9pm EST.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Sirius Nascar promotion via American Wireless

It's the Sirius Nascar promotion and contest .Via Americanwireless, they have added other products to the list which are listed below. Interesting, maybe this promotion wont be pulled as requested.

SportingNews has a short review on Tony Stewarts first show linked here

ELIGIBLE MODELS: S50-TK1B, SIR-SL1 (Streamer GT), SIR-GTRC1 (Streamer GTR), SIR-STRC1 (Streamer Replay), ST3-SV-3B, SL100-TK1B, SL10-TK1B, ST2 (Starmate Replay), SV1 (SIRIUS One), Delphi DEA300, Panasonic SIR-PAN1B,ST3-TK1B, SP3-TK1B